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However, its death is temporary and if within a certain time it is given oxygen again, it comes back to life.

While it is incredible that these tiny mammals from East Africa can survive chronic oxygen deprivation in the underground environments in which they live, the fact that they are able to bring themselves back to life is almost unbelievable.

While naked mole-rats are adapted to the high levels of carbon dioxide in their underground clay castles, this study observed the results when mole rats had no access to oxygen at all.

During these periods, the naked mole-rat reduces its heart rate to the extent that it almost appears to have stopped.

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*Prof Nigel Bennett and Dr Heike Lutermann, of the University of Pretoria's Department of Zoology and Entomology, are involved in an exciting study on this topic that has been featured in .

Visiting researcher and another lead investigator in the study, Prof Thom Park of the University of Illinois in the USA, says: 'This was a challenge so big that it took three labs on three continents to solve it.' Prof Gary Lewin of the Max Delbrück Centre for Molecular Medicine at the University of Berlin, Germany, was the other lead investigator in the study.

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