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And yet how I remember it, is all the hurricane parties. An Example in Dating: Are you saying you want a high maintenance, sexy woman who is a 10? I am a hot, attractive, smart woman who desires to help you date and attract the women of your dreams and to be the whole man that your truly are… In fact many of you got on my list over 4 months ago and have not received any email since. And may I request that you stop pressing the complaint button on your email…(you did subscribe) Here is the truth… …Or if you choose to learn, discover and to pick the brain of a hot, attractive, smart 30 something women, then please email me sweet loving questions or positive responses about what you want, what you would like…The fun times hanging out with strangers waiting for the lights to come back on. But only willing to date or speak to a nice girl who is a 4? There is a saying: “Women are like Cars…The more high performance the more high maintenance.” And I must say in honesty, the saying has merit. The thing you might not know is that women test you all the time in conversation. I really don’t like it when men email and just bash on me on everything I am doing wrong – would you?And, of course, there were the two great "going solo" stories of the year.Chris Stapleton's first album away from his bluegrass band, the Steel Drivers, landed him in the lap of the CMAs, onstage with Justin Timberlake, as the mainstream country music establishment stopped short to check itself in the mirror ... Meanwhile, Rhiannon Giddens stepped out from the Carolina Chocolate Drops to show that she is her own powerhouse. The set was both timely and timeless, but it was only the beginning of the story of how Giddens found her voice this year.A pair of efforts appeared from the Levon Helm universe to make us all swoon -- one from his daughter Amy and another from his Ramble Band leader Larry Campbell, who finally paired with his wife Teresa Williams for a self-titled duo effort.A swath of folks who've been around a while -- American Aquarium, Alabama Shakes, Kevin Gordon, Brandi Carlile, Punch Brothers -- each released new discs this year, which caught hold of ears in ways their previous efforts had not.Since Lincoln must have read Scott's book from beginning to end, there is every probability that the first literature of Shakespeare to come to his attention was the poem entitled "Description of Mab, Queen of the Fairies." matter contained in this old book of elocution included selections from Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Henry IV, Othello, Henry V, Richard III, and As You Like It. In this letter he expressed this contention: "Unlike you gentlemen of the profession I think the soliloquy in 'Hamlet' commencing 'Oh!

We got stunning new albums, years in the making, from James Mc Murtry and Dave Rawlings Machine.

Wilco got all 21st Century on us and self-released a free album called Beyond the tried-and-true oft-sung heroes of the form, new heroes emerged.

John Moreland, who's been making critics ga-ga at industry events the last couple years, dropped an album that endeared his exceptional songwriting to the rest of the world.

Of course, we fully expect you to have many more than twelve months to complete this list, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get started right away.

When you get tired of hearing about how big Texas is, go find out for yourself. There is no more desolate—or fascinating—stretch than the final hundred miles or so to the Rio Grande Valley.

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