Dating wfl drums

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I know I'm dragging this out, but I read in WFL III's blog that he went to a Journey/Steve Miller/Tower of Power show via his friend/contact to show his new snare to the drummers/techs in all 3 bands and Deen Castronovo (DW endorser) wants/got a WFL III snare and loved it.

and Theobald Ludwig would bring to life concepts and ideas of snares, drums, hardware, and accessories. It was under the WFL era where many more concepts to modern drum manufacturing were birthed.

B3 does have his own lugs that can be ordered on that drum, however I don't know how to.

This month I’m looking at a snare drum that is becoming very popular here in the UK, the Ludwig Pioneer.

It can easily be argued that Ludwig either directly, or indirectly helped shape both music and modern drum manufacturing for decades to come. An idea for the first American made floor foot pedal came to production through brothers William F. This new product was well received by the industry, resulting in high regard for the newly established brand, Ludwig & Ludwig. Newly branded and established as the Ludwig Drum Co, no longer WFL, a concept formulated early on would shape the sound of music to come..concept of the 3-ply shell.

Soon thereafter, Ludwig & Ludwig would design, distribute, and manufacture all things drums and percussion: snares, bass drums, drum heads, hardware, and into the evolved trap kit. was determined to carry on the business that he'd established. would do everything possible to remain a prominent figure in the drum and percussion industry. Unable to reconcile his feeling about drum production and management, William F. It was the design of 3ply classic shells, wrapped in stunning décor, which left a lasting impression on drummers for years to come.

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