Warning failed while updating the boot sectors for disk0 partition1 Futa dating game

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My first question is this: When I work with the partitioning within Windows 7 setup, do I need to keep the 100MB system reserved partition that is currently there, or is it safe to delete both the 100mb system reserved partition along with the current C: (with os/apps/games) partition together?Will deleting the current 100MB system reserved partition affect my access to the partition I am using for storage?My disk management appears as follows: Disk 0, Basic, 931.51GB, online: [System Reserved, 100MB NTFS] [(C:) 489.03GB NTFS] [(Storage F:) 295.90GB NTFS] [146.49GB Unallocated]2.I'm giving my parents my current PC after I've finished putting together the new one.

Turns out the problem for the files not copied error was a faulty RAM on the other system(YES RAM) of all things no connection at all between files not getting copied from the CD whereas it went through on one try from my system!

They play minimal low resource consuming games, do office work, and browse the internet.

I noticed while reviewing specs that the hard drive I ordered them only had a 8MB cache.

This article covers removing the System Reserved partition created when installing Windows 7/8.x/10 on a MBR drive.

Do not attempt to perform this procedure on UEFI systems where Windows is installed on a GPT drive.

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